Policy and Performance on Environment and Sustainability

As an environmental consultancy, our core business is advising our clients on how to mitigate potential adverse effects on the natural environment. This focus on environmental stewardship is mirrored in our commitment to environmental responsibility. Our staff-led Environment, Social, Innovation and Community Committees manage our efforts in achieving our corporate goals to minimize Hemmera’s ecological footprint by:

  • Implementing initiatives to responsibly use energy and water, and reduce waste production and greenhouse gas emissions
  • Monitoring, measuring, and reporting on Hemmera’s progress on environmental goals and identifying opportunities for improvement
  • Integrating environmental considerations into our procurement processes
  • Promoting and integrating sustainable innovation into client projects
  • Engaging, educating and inspiring staff to embrace environmental values inside and outside the office

Hemmera’s Commitment

  • Hemmera will conduct business in an environmentally responsible manner and in compliance with environmental legislation and regulations as it relates to our clients and their projects. Upon award of a contract, Hemmera will ensure that client systems and processes support the responsible management of all project-related environmental issues.
  • At Hemmera we are a part of the community, and community engagement is a core value within our corporate strategic plan – “Participation – Supporting and contributing to the communities in which we live.”
  • Hemmera’s Health and Wellness Fund supports our staff with health and sustainability initiatives. This fund is available for each staff member to help with the cost of activities such as transit passes and gym memberships.
  • We believe in and strive to contribute to the education of future generations who will soon lead our community toward environmental awareness and sustainability. Hemmera has a strong relationship with local and national universities and colleges to promote environmental education. This includes staff presentations to students; development and delivery of course components in post-secondary environmental programs; attendance at and contributions to events; and providing hiring opportunities for cooperative education students to support direct, hands-on experience in the environmental consulting industry.
  • Staff members participate in many external events during and outside of working hours to give back to the community through fundraising, volunteerism, and environmental leadership. Hemmera also coordinates an annual United Way Campaign and supports and participates in a number of community events including the Vancouver Sun Run and Bowling for Big Brothers and raptor counting at Colony Farm in Coquitlam, BC.
  • Hemmera has continually increased its community support and engagement each year. Our firm supports a variety of groups and initiatives both in time (e.g., pro bono work, executive positions on boards, association participation) and financial support (e.g., sponsorships, fundraising, donations).