Mike Peckford, Renewable Energy and Wildlife Lead

“At Hemmera, we don’t try and be something that we are not. We know what we are good at, and we focus on those areas.”

Mike Peckford is Hemmera’s Renewable Energy and Wildlife Lead in the Environmental Planning and Ecology group in Calgary, AB. He specializes in bird and bat ecology, environmental assessments, and permitting strategy and application preparation for Alberta’s major renewable energy developers.  Mike’s experience includes over 60 wind facility projects across North America from environmental assessment and permitting through to project construction, operation, and maintenance.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

A typical day at Hemmera is fast paced and diverse. It can range for helping clients work through permitting challenges, writing and reviewing reports or proposals, and mentoring junior staff to help them grow their careers.

Why Hemmera?

I chose to return to the consulting industry to become more involved in the renewable energy rush that is currently happening in AB and SK. Hemmera’s reputation as a leader in renewable energy in western Canada made the decision to choose Hemmera an obvious one.

Describe a memorable “Hemmera moment.”

I don’t really have a single moment. But when I think of Hemmera, I think of the people I work with more than the work itself.  We have a great team in Calgary. Everyone pitches in when needed, shares work loads, and has a great attitude – even during stressful times.

What do you think clients like about Hemmera?

At Hemmera, we don’t try and be something that we are not. We know what we are good at, and we focus on those areas. Hemmera understands that if you try and be everything to everyone, you’ll lose focus on your core strengths. I think our clients appreciate that approach, and it allows them to be confident that the work we are doing for them will be professional and high quality.

What has made you so committed to this field?

I’ve worked in the field of renewable energy for the past 10+ years. I feel strongly about giving back to society and making a positive difference. I feel I can best make that difference by helping us reduce our fossil fuel dependency, and move towards more sustainable sources of electricity. My position at Hemmera allows me to make this positive difference.