Accidents happen. It’s how we respond to them that matters most, especially when it comes to accidental spills in terrestrial, aquatic, and marine environments.
From the onset of a spill through to post-spill assessment and remediation, Hemmera is your trusted partner. In those critical hours following an incident, we arrive onsite to assess the release and recommend response actions. In the days and weeks following the spill, we assess the extent of impact to vegetation, wildlife, fish, and other receptors, and carefully collect verification samples to document the success of cleanup efforts. In addition to our in-house team, we have assembled a trusted group of subcontractors and have subcontract agreements in place to provide additional hands-on support to guide the collective spill response effort.

Experience has proven that successful spill response comes from effective communication between our clients, our teams of spill response experts, as well as legal advisors, regulatory representatives, other parties as circumstances require. We also understand how imperative it is to characterize a spill as quickly and thoroughly as possible. Our team has extensive experience either leading spill response teams or serving as major contributor’s client-led teams. Our inclusive approach ensures we can help our clients minimize the extent of a spill while collecting and sharing quality data and accurate information to help restore environmental balance.

Our team members have been involved in a significant number of spills for a variety of clients, including Hydro One, Imperial Oil, Chevron, BC Hydro, and Enbridge

Darrell Desjardin
Vice President, Ports and Infrastructure

24 Hour Emergency Response: 1.844.772.6878

Kurt Neunherz
Business Leader, Yukon Region