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Water Resource Planning

Sustainable water resources are essential for many resource and development projects. Clients come to Hemmera for our Water Resources team’s experience and skills in assessing groundwater and aquifer resources and developing water resource plans that ensure safe, sustainable yields that maintain water quality for the project and existing water users.

The Hemmera Water Resources team includes hydrogeologists, engineers, geologists and risk assessors, backed by strong relationships with drilling sub-contractors. Based on surface water and groundwater analyses, our comprehensive water resource planning determines the optimal withdrawal rates for safe, sustainable yields. In many cases our plans can significantly reduce water-related costs. Depending on the project’s needs we can offer a broad range of water resource services, including:

Resource Evaluation: sourcing, exploration and assessment 

  • Review and compilation of government and academic data
  • Geologic mapping and remote sensing (fracture trace)
  • Surface Geophysics
  • Exploratory drilling (domestic, community and industrial)
  • Production and injection well design and installation
  • Aquifer monitoring and testing

Hydrogeology: modelling, impact assessments and design

  • Environmental site assessments
  • Water monitoring and observation 
  • Production well design and installations
  • Vulnerability assessments and well-head protection planning
  • Groundwater flow and contaminant transport modelling
  • Dewatering system investigations
  • Conceptual modelling resources
  • Geoexchange and Geothermal drilling and resource testing

We have a comprehensive knowledge of current regulations and legislation, and we maintain strong relationships with provincial and federal regulators. Seven members of the Hemmera team are on the BC Contaminated Sites Roster, and one is on the Roster of Risk Assessment Professional Experts.
We are active partners in our industry, and contribute to policy development with these and other organizations: the National Ground Water Association, the International Association of Hydrogeologists, the British Columbia Ground Water Association, the Association of Professional Engineers and Geoscientists of BC, the AB Association of Professional Engineers, Geologists, and Geophysicists, the Canadian Council of Ministers of the Environment, the Consulting Engineers of BC, the Canadian Institute of Planners & Planning Institute of BC, the International Association for Impact Assessment, the Science Advisory Board for Contaminated Sites in BC, the Roster of Approved Professionals (Contaminated Sites & Risk Assessment) BC.