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Hemmera is equipped and experienced in assessing the toxicity risks of environmental contamination, especially related to any effects on the genetics of affected organisms. In addition to traditional risk assessment methodologies, specialized toxicology and genomics investigations can be invaluable in providing site-specific data to assist in decision-making, and risk and liability management.

Toxicology and genomics investigations can provide valuable guidance after an accidental spill or other environmental situation. Hemmera’s Toxicology and Genomics have proven to be of great benefit to our clients in the investigation and subsequent remediation of incidents. We have helped them meet the requirements of regulatory bodies, and assisted them in developing and implementing closure plans that minimize long-term impacts of the emergency.

In the case of diesel oil spills, for example, our team can supplement a post-spill site investigation with innovative toxicology and genomics analyses to determine the effects on the nearby marine populations.

Hemmera was the first in Canada—and possibly in the world—to apply genomics analysis to an actual spill situation. Our fish genomics analysis proved essential to demonstrating the extent of the spill’s effects on the fish population, and to contribute to the assessment of the spill’s potential long-term impacts on human health and the environment. The fish genomics assessment provided a line of evidence for its non-lethal effects.