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Stakeholder Consultation

At Hemmera, we have extensive experience in consulting, planning and collaborating with the many stakeholders affected by our clients’ projects, including First Nations, the public, government and corporate organizations.

We are known for our ability to develop productive, lasting frameworks for conducting successful negotiations on a project’s impacts and benefits and the necessary accommodations. We have a broad range of programs and services to facilitate negotiation between our clients and local communities. We understand that each project, each region, and each community is unique. For each project, we develop and deliver a customized consultation program, and we strive to be a valued partner, trusted by both our clients and the local population.

Among the services we provide are: facilitating First Nations issues and interests to the project’s proponents and the regulatory agencies, liaising with government agencies to establish appropriate mitigation, and developing strategies that will facilitate the review and approvals process. We are experienced in matters related to the ongoing treaty process in BC, and have successfully negotiated agreements on behalf of a broad range of clients.
We have played key roles in developing and implementing First Nations consultation programs for Teck/Highland Valley Copper, several BC Hydro electrification projects, and for the BC Ministry of Transportation on the Sea To Sky Project and Gateway Program. 
We are currently engaged in a strategic alliance with the Naut'sa mawt Resources Group, a First Nations organization, with the goal of providing environmental services in Western Canada and the North in a manner that reflects our clients’ evolving needs, and results in lasting capacity building and the meaningful transfer of environmental skills and expertise to and within First Nation communities.