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Socio-economic Analysis

Today’s engineering and development projects operate in an increasingly complex social environment, with multiple interest groups and jurisdictions. Socio-economic analysis and consultation can be essential for an environmental assessment or project to proceed. Hemmera offers proven custom-tailored strategies for socio-economic review that focus on developing relationships between stakeholders. We enable clients and communities to be heard, help identify and resolve key issues early, and assist our clients in negotiating complex regulatory protocols.

To propose, develop and operate a major project means addressing myriad community concerns, making decisions quickly, and developing effective communications and management strategies.

Clients come to Hemmera because of our track record in socio-economic analysis and consultation. We offer proven strategies for evaluating environmental risks, interpreting and negotiating regulatory protocols, and successfully interacting with local communities. We can provide the framework required to navigate your project through the permitting and approvals process more quickly, with fewer roadblocks.

Our approach focuses on building relationships to help identify issues early. We work closely with clients and communities to achieve positive results by designing innovative and project-specific consultation strategies. Our customized solutions foster the development of productive and long-lasting working relationships for our clients and the communities they work in. We understand the multiple regulatory environments that may be involved, and appreciate the business implications of various options that may be proposed.

We have been recognized for our success in the Yukon, in facilitating the environmental assessment process managed by the Yukon Environmental Socio-economic Assessment Board (YESAB).