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Policy Formulation and Analysis

Environmental policy is the framework that creates and supports the balance between progress and protection that is the essence of sustainability. At Hemmera, our policy experts are knowledgeable in all current, relevant legislation and practice in environmental planning, sustainability and carbon and energy management. We have worked with municipalities across BC, and with clients in the industrial, resource and transportation sectors to develop effective and appropriate environmental regulatory frameworks and policies.

Sound environmental policies are essential to the creation of a sustainable social and economic climate—one that spurs growth and expands employment opportunities. At Hemmera, we bring significant expertise in developing policies to support development initiatives for infrastructure, transportation, agriculture, forestry, port and marine habitats, land use and community development. We have helped regions and municipalities across BC to achieve their economic and social objectives—sustainably.

We have the in-house expertise able to undertake environmental and sustainability management and planning programs, develop resource management policy, manage training and capacity building and manage monitoring and reporting systems for both the public and private sectors.