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Marine and Coastal Planning Services

Like the terrestrial environment, the marine world is subject to law, policy and human-use constraints. To serve our clients whose projects involve marine and/or coastal components, Hemmera’s marine and coastal planning team combines regulatory knowledge with a deep understanding of marine biology and engineering.

For projects that touch on the marine environment, Hemmera works with a broad range of clients, including the energy sector (tidal and wave power production, LNG cooling, oil and gas production), fisheries, shipping, and all levels of government. Clients choose Hemmera for custom-tailored solutions that increase the chances of project success, minimize costs and increase predictability of scheduling. Our reputation is based on our ability to find technically novel solutions specific to each project or challenge.

From providing environmental assessments or adaptive management strategies, to remediation and reclamation work, we have the skills, experience and technical capabilities to handle the most challenging projects. To create our project teams we draw on a deep pool of professional resources, including professional biologists, engineers, toxicologists, sustainability experts and regulatory specialists.

We have experience with the Canadian Coast Guard, Capital Power (formerly Epcor), Chevron, Environment Canada, Finavera, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, GreenWing, Imperial Oil, NaiKun Wind, Nomis, Port Metro Vancouver, Public Works and Government Services Canada, Terminal Systems Inc, and more.