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Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessment

Clients across Canada trust Hemmera for innovative approaches to assessing the various risks that contaminants may pose to the environment and human health. Our results provide accurate, site-specific information that informs our clients’ decision-making and risk and liability management.

Human health and ecological risk assessment is a complex process, through which the many potential effects of contaminants in the environment are calculated. An expert assessment is invaluable to determine the risk that contaminants present to human health and/or the environment.

Hemmera is equipped and experienced to assess and manage ecological risks in nearly any contaminated site. These investigations can, at times, yield significant savings for our clients: for example, at many sites our teams  have demonstrated that contaminants do not affect aquatic life, because they will not migrate into the body of water. In those cases, no additional testing, monitoring, or cleanup was required.

Depending on the need, our health and risk assessment teams can include toxicologists, biologists and environmental scientists, plus technical staff trained in emergency response and dealing with the management of contaminated sites and hazardous materials. Our firm is proud to provide BC Ministry of Environment external review services and roster review services, with several Contaminated Sites Approved Professionals.