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Applied Ecology and Ecosystem Management

For over 15 years, Hemmera has provided ecological and ecosystem planning and management services to clients in the private and public sectors. We have built a strong reputation for sound technical expertise and valued advisory services, and our clients trust us to negotiate complex regulatory protocols, advise on local community issues and manage the permitting and approval processes that help projects advance.

Clients across Canada rely on Hemmera to evaluate environmental risks and investigate and manage complex ecosystems. Our team’s ecological expertise is both expansive and diverse—our biologists, for example, can assess the impact of environmental risks of everything from small-scale projects to extremely large infrastructures. Many of our clients’ projects have aspects that touch on wildlife and vegetation, and the need to evaluate, or mitigate, the project’s potential effects.
To help projects advance, we have a large, highly-skilled team, with knowledge and experience in current policies and practices, who can manage detailed studies, assess impacts and develop effective solutions. We can provide terrestrial biological impact assessments, habitat management plans, adaptive management and monitoring programs, environmental monitoring, habitat capability and suitability modelling, invasive species management, riparian area regulation assessments, sensitive ecosystem inventory studies, species-at-risk inventories and assessments and terrestrial ecosystem mapping.
We are known as effective communicators with extensive experience in presenting projects to stakeholders, negotiating regulatory protocols and working with communities to build the support that is essential for success. We can scale our services to fit nearly any size of project, including the management of large teams with multiple sub-consultants. We can design and facilitate public and First Nations engagement, and complete all the required environmental assessment documentation. We can manage any and all negotiations with regulators, while continually maintaining clear, regular communication with our clients.