At Hemmera, we treat each project as unique, and bring together the best combination of staff to most effectively address each of our clients’ specific needs. This precise blending of knowledge and experience has enabled Hemmera to take on increasingly challenging work across all sectors.


What are the risks? At Hemmera our team has the expertise to answer this and other risk questions to reduce environmental liability while protecting human health and the environment.

Recognizing that projects range in scope and complexity, Hemmera offers a scalable approach to human health and ecological assessment. We provide high-level qualitative assessments as well as detailed quantitative assessments, and work early on in the site investigation with other environmental professionals to provide cost-effective, customized solutions. By combining risk assessment with site investigation, we are able to offer a wider range of remedial options to support your needs.

Our risk assessors have experience in conducting human health and ecological risk assessments throughout western and northern Canada. Risk-based certificates of compliance and closure have also enabled our clients to attain additional permits or acquire additional funding sources necessary for development, land divestures, and property sales.

Service Lead – ON
Ron Haley
Business Leader

Service Lead – BC
Doug Bright
Practice Leader, Environmental Risk Assessment