The Service Station Redevelopment Toolkit

Client: The Province of British Columbia and an alliance of business associations
Location: BC

Across BC, service stations are closing, and leaving vacant lots that may be contaminated from decades of storage and use of fuels and other toxic materials. To help reduce the potential environmental hazards, and to allow these properties to be re-purposed, Hemmera is developing a Redevelopment Framework and Toolkit for former service stations. This project is in partnership with the Province of BC and an alliance of business associations that includes the BC Environment Industry Association, the Canadian Petroleum Producers Institute, and the Union of BC Municipalities.

Throughout the province, there has been a surge in demand for this type of toolkit. Service station redevelopment is the subject of approximately 40% of the calls to the BC Ministry of Agriculture and Lands’ Brownfield Renewal Strategy information line.

This toolkit will equip government officials, real estate developers, and property owners with recommended products and resources to assist in redeveloping former service station sites. It will reduce the uncertainty that pervades government, industry, and the private sector—an uncertainty that affects all who wish to buy, sell, or repurpose former service station locations.

In this ongoing project, we are hosting a series of engagement sessions to seek input from industry and other parties. These sessions with provide background on the Brownfield process, discuss the challenges and opportunities that are unique to redeveloping service station sites, and discuss various possible solutions. Through the sessions and other communication channels, including a specially-developed Web portal, we will gather a series of recommendations, products, tools, and approaches for service station redevelopment. 

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Educating and equipping industrial partners in remediating and repurposing out-of-use service stations