NaiKun Offshore Wind Project

Client: NaiKun Wind
Location: BC

The proposed NaiKun offshore wind energy project will be the first of its kind in Canada, and one of the first offshore wind farms in North America. This high-profile marine and shoreline development is located near the northeast coast of Haida Gwaii in BC’s Hecate Strait, an area famed for its ecological values. 

Since 2008, Hemmera has been engaged in environmental work for the 396 MW wind park. We managed and directed a large project team that was responsible for complex regulatory processes under multiple jurisdictions. Our team managed the environmental review of the project under the BC Environmental Assessment Act, and the harmonized environmental assessment process under the complex Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.
This assessment process included the development of a regulatory strategy that coordinated the biophysical and socio-economic components of the project, and included significant First Nations consultation, as well as a cumulative-effects assessment. 
The client is committed to sustainable development in BC, and Hemmera has worked closely with all parties to help secure a detailed environmental review that will help advance the project.

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Hemmera is making significant contributions to the development of Canada’s first offshore wind farm—managing a large project team and navigating complex regulatory, ecological, and First Nations issues.