Emission Reduction Initiatives for Vancouver’s Port

Client: Port Metro Vancouver
Location: BC

Hemmera coordinated the Northwest Ports Clean Air Strategy implementation reporting process for 2009 and 2010, working with the ports of Seattle, Tacoma, and Port Metro Vancouver, as well as federal and regional agencies. In 2010, Hemmera conducted a power demand scoping study to inform Port Metro Vancouver of the potential impacts of increased electrification of cargo handling equipment and implementing shore power. Hemmera has also supported the implementation of a program to phase out older, more polluting, trucks that access the Port. This involved thorough research of engine retrofit technologies for reducing emissions, and conducting outreach to truck owner/operators and mechanics. Hemmera has gained a strong understanding of the strategies and regulations that drive air quality performance at ports, as well as familiarity with the requirements for successful implementation of emission reduction programs.

Through these processes, we have gained a deep understanding of the strategies and regulations that affect air quality in the port environment, and learned how to implement successful emissions-reduction programs in these jurisdictions.

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Hemmera has worked with Port Metro Vancouver on a variety of projects related to air quality and emissions management programs. Our involvement has included facilitating discussions at the strategy level, research for feasibility of emission reduction programs, and on-the-ground implementation of environmental requirements.