Canoe Pass Tidal Energy Project

Client: Canoe Pass Tidal Energy Corporation
Location: BC

The proposed Canoe Pass Tidal Energy project will generate over 500 kW of renewable energy from the Discovery Passage located near Campbell River, BC. This clean energy will feed BC Hydro’s electrical distribution grid and power nearby communities. To advance this project, the Hemmera team is undertaking the baseline archaeology, ecology and social community studies that are essential for the production of an environmental assessment report. Our work will support a screening level review under the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act.

Our role is to document the baseline biophysical conditions in the vicinity of the project site, to identify any potential impacts that may result from the project, and to develop the required environmental management plans. In addition, we are working closely with the project design team to review and provide feedback on various design alternatives. Our input relates specifically to helping develop design strategies for the energy-generating equipment and its supporting infrastructure that minimize the negative impacts on sensitive ecosystems and reduce negative interactions with fish and wildlife.

As the project proceeds, we will continue to monitor the implementation of the environmental management plans, through the construction phases and the operation of the tidal energy generation system.

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Hemmera is a key contributor to the first commercial-scale tidal energy project in BC, providing archaeology, ecology and social community studies for an environmental assessment report, and working with the design team to minimize impacts.