BC Hydro Capital Works

Client: BC Hydro
Location: BC

For the environmental components of their billion-dollar capital projects, including the upgrades to hydroelectric dams and power generating stations, BC Hydro relies on Hemmera’s experience, reliability, and proven management skills.

For BC Hydro, we have managed complex consultations and negotiations between government agencies and stakeholders, First Nations, and the public. We have developed environmental management plans, run baseline studies, acquired permits, performed risk assessment services, provided environmental monitoring services and produced environmental assessment reports.

For the John Hart Generating Station Replacement project, we are the environmental task manager, responsible for developing the scope of, and leading, the Canadian Environmental Assessment Act review process. The Strathcona Dam Safety Upgrade project and the Ruskin Dam & Powerhouse Upgrade project did not require a full provincial environmental assessment, but we completed assessments for the client’s due-diligence purposes.

We are environmental consultants on the Heber Diversion project, which will decommission an in-stream power-generation diversion and penstock, in order to enhance the aquatic and terrestrial wildlife and to protect First Nations heritage sites. For planned run-of-river projects, BC Hydro has engaged us to conduct a navigational impact assessment relating to recreational river use, using the Transport Canada guidelines.

Our First Nations and community liaison work on these projects was extensive, including open houses and community engagement forums with the We Wai Kai Nation (Cape Mudge), Campbell River Indian Band, K’omox First Nation, and Homalco First Nation, as well as local communities in and around the Campbell River watershed. We have also worked with the Recreational Advisory Committee to manage recreational concerns associated with the projects.

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Hemmera is the trusted environmental consultancy for BC Hydro power projects, including their most high-profile, high-budget hydroelectric power-generation upgrades.