Tim Edgell
PhD, R.P.Bio.

Title: Director, Marine Science and Infrastructure Development
Office: Vancouver, British Columbia


Tim Edgall is formally trained as a marine biologist and numerical ecologist. His career path went from whale watching driver in Victoria Harbour to studying biological invasions in the Maritimes and then Pacific coast. As a consultant, Tim works primarily in the O&G and Ports sectors, leading the design and implementation of baseline studies for regulatory approvals, authoring EIAs and FAAs, leading environmental effects monitoring and offsetting effectiveness studies, and interacting with regulators, First Nations, and stakeholders. Tim’s consulting experience in Canada’s three oceans include: offshore O&G in Newfoundland; container and O&G port development in BC; municipal wastewater regulation and cumulative effects assessment for CRD; and exploratory baseline studies and regulatory support for mining and O&G activity in the Arctic.