Shena Shaw

Title:  Business Leader, Human Environment
Office:  Whitehorse, Yukon

With a Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology with a focus on First Nations Studies and Geography from the University of Victoria, Shena Shaw has been managing projects and contributing to environmental assessments for over 15 years. Shena is committed to the responsible development of resource projects in the north, and has worked for a variety of industry and government clients, including direct experience with large-scale northern petroleum and mining projects. Shena works closely with clients to ensure a thorough and robust environmental and socio-economic effects assessment is delivered that meets their needs as well as the expectations of First Nations, communities, assessors, and regulators.

Appropriate engagement strategies can decrease both timelines and risk for projects as they move through assessment and regulatory processes. Shena provides clients with detailed insight into assessment and regulatory processes across northern Canada. She has also developed excellent working relationships with representatives of all levels of government and industry.

Shena’s knowledge, experience, and advice helps clients make strategic, effective decisions when planning and implementing First Nations and community consultation and engagement.