Scott Northrup
B.Sc., R.P. Bio

Title: Practice Leader, Aquatic Permitting
Office: Victoria, BC

Scott Northrup is a Practice Leader, Aquatic Permitting with Hemmera’s Environmental Planning and Ecology team specializing in Marine and Estuarine fish habitat regulatory assessments. Scott brings more than 25 years’ experience in environmental assessment, impact assessment, mitigation planning and offset design in marine and estuarine environments on the BC coast.

Scott has been involved, as both a Project Manager/Biologist and as a regulator, in a variety of multi-disciplinary projects including public/private utility infrastructure, linear infrastructure (highway, pipeline, and transit), forestry, transportation and urban/rural development projects in British Columbia. He has designed, conducted and reviewed biophysical inventory studies; designed and implemented compensation/offsetting habitat for fish and wildlife; and, designed and implemented habitat monitoring studies. A key area of focus in Habitat Banking to provide fish habitat offsetting opportunities in advance of project related impacts.

As a Senior Habitat Biologist working on behalf of Fisheries and Oceans Canada, Scott reviewed development proposals and conduced Environmental Assessments under CEAA for a variety of water-use activities including shoreline erosion control, private moorage, marina development, forestry and linear development. He participated in a number of different strategic water use management planning initiatives, including estuary management planning, guideline and BMP development and coastal land use plans. His EA role also required First Nations consultation with a multitude of FN groups on Vancouver Island and the Sunshine Coast of BC.