Rhoni Whyard

TITLE:  Vice President,
Marketing and Communications
OFFICE:  Vancouver, British Columbia


Vice President of Hemmera’s Marketing and Communications division, Rhoni Whyard is a marketing and communications professional with close to two decades of experience leading marketing and communications initiatives in both small business and corporate settings. Rhoni’s diverse experience includes six years as a marketing entrepreneur, during which time she worked directly with small businesses, corporations, and non-profit organizations across multiple industries to develop unique strategies to maximize sales and growth for her clients. Her creative marketing approaches and initiatives are still garnering success nearly a decade after their initial implementation.

At Hemmera, Rhoni’s in-depth knowledge of business methodology, strategic marketing, and formal project management techniques has guided and informed her many corporate marketing and business development initiatives. She has leveraged this knowledge and experience with her proven ability to quickly process information, analyze quantitative data, solve problems, make sound marketing and business decisions, and effectively communicate and direct multiple marketing plans, programs, and campaigns.