Raymond Baksi

Title:  Project Director
Office:  Toronto, Ontario


Raymond Baksi is a Project Director with over 12 years of experience managing environmental investigations From soil and soil vapour sampling to groundwater and surface water investigations on sites impacted by petroleum products, heavy metals, and other potentially harmful contaminants, Raymond is highly experienced with the regulatory environments in Ontario, Alberta, and British Columbia, and is a proven problem solver.

Over the course of his career, Raymond has developed particular expertise on sites impacted by petroleum hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds. He has implemented remedial action plans involving soil remediation, groundwater treatment, geosynthetic liner installation, and vapour extraction systems. In addition, he is the subject matter expert for soil vapour intrusion in Hemmera’s Ontario office.

In addition to his scientific and regulatory expertise, Raymond is experienced managing large client portfolios, and serves as a single point of contact to execute client contracts and communicate with regulatory agencies on his clients’ behalf. As part of his role as a Project Director, he mentors staff both professionally and oversees the technical aspects of site assessments.

Raymond’s effective project management, clear communication, and strong organizational skills support his experience in geoscientific analysis. He communicates effectively on both the business and technical sides of a project, and is respected for his ability to provide financially responsible solutions to site assessment and remediation challenges.

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