Paul Fleischer

Title:  Project Director
Office:  Toronto, Ontario

For the past 15 years, Paul Fleischer has gained vital experience as a site assessment and remediation professional in Ontario’s environmental consulting industry. Paul has conducted regulatory compliance audits, Phase I and II environmental site assessments, and remedial work at commercial, industrial, and residential properties in Ontario and the US. In addition, he brings extensive experience with spill response to Hemmera’s Site Assessment and Remediation team in Ontario, assisting clients and other stakeholders with developing action plans and making key decisions during high-stress situations. Paul manages post-spill assessment tasks and reporting, and communicates with regulators and all parties affected by spills and site contamination to ensure effective information sharing throughout a collective spill response effort.

Paul’s experience as a site assessment and remediation professional includes managing a sizable portfolio of sites across Ontario for the largest electrical distributor in Canada, and one of the largest in North America. Specifically, Paul was the key client account contact for the management of an environmental contaminated site due diligence program, which involved nearly 1,000 phases of work at more than 200 electrical transformer, distribution, and operations centres. Managing this account and other large accounts simultaneously, Paul has developed an outstanding reputation as an organized, knowledgeable, and experienced site assessment and remediation practitioner, successfully liaising with multiple stakeholders, including clients, regulators, contractors, and legal counsel. He is also particularly adept and efficient at managing budgets and schedules, and preparing and reviewing quality reports for work programs that involve dozens of sites and phases of work.