Rely on the experts at Hemmera to design solutions for responsible development of the oil and gas industry’s most complex and challenging projects.
Many of Canada’s largest oil and gas producers rely on Hemmera for innovative environmental solutions to support their operations, facilities, and development projects. The professional services we have provided to the oil and gas sector span the entire lifecycle of oil and gas projects – from planning, construction, and operation to closure, remediation, and monitoring. At Hemmera, we have the skills, experience, and technical capabilities to support the most challenging projects. We form strong relationships with all of our clients and the communities where they operate by building effective communications with key stakeholders and being responsive to changing needs. We are also experienced and current with federal and provincial regulations, and are recognized by the regulatory community as a leader in ensuring compliance while moving projects through the permitting process.

Hemmera’s oil and gas team is backed by a wealth of project success and diverse, multi-disciplinary backgrounds. The experts that support our oil and gas projects and clients are adept at managing and coordinating the environmental, scientific, regulatory, and community aspects of all project phases. We offer personalized, customized service for each project, assembling the precise team needed, whether managing and conducting environmental assessments, designing and leading First Nations consultation and community engagement, or providing site assessment, remediation and reclamation services.

Sector Lead – AB
Julie vanTol
Environmental Engineer

Sector Lead – YT
Kurt Neunherz
Business Leader