At Hemmera, we treat each project as unique, and bring together the best combination of staff to most effectively address each of our clients’ specific needs. This precise blending of knowledge and experience has enabled Hemmera to take on increasingly challenging work across all sectors.

More of Canada’s major mining companies are relying on Hemmera’s innovative environmental solutions.

The risks and rewards for embarking on mining projects in Canada in the 21st century have never been greater. Now more than ever, our clients need environmental consulting and project management support and services they can trust.

What makes Hemmera’s mining support teams unique in the sector is our integrated and sustainable approach to addressing complex environmental questions. At the onset of each project, we carefully build our mining team, strategically selecting key employees and partners with the experience that best matches the unique requirements of our client and project. Each mining team works closely with our clients and one another to coordinate, integrate, and design place-based solutions to fit the unique environmental, scientific, regulatory, First Nations, and community-based aspects of the project and its location. From initial design to decommissioning, Hemmera’s mining teams successfully support projects through their entire life cycle, shaping solutions that work – for our clients, the environment, and neighbouring communities.

Sector Lead – BC
Michael Choi
Business Leader, Physical Sciences / Yukon

Sector Lead – YT
Shena Shaw
Socio-Community Specialist

Sector Lead – BC
Doug Bright
Project Director     / ……….