Michael Muller
M.Sc., P.Biol., R.P.Bio.

TITLE: Business Leader, Northern Projects
OFFICE:  Whitehorse, Yukon


Michael Muller has been advancing projects in the north for almost 20 years. While at Hemmera and during his eight years as the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Board’s technical lead for implementing the Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act, Michael developed intimate knowledge of the assessment process in Yukon. He has designed and implemented baseline programs, written effects assessments, reviewed hundreds of project proposals, and has led the development of guidance on proposal information requirements.

Michael’s experience working in northern assessment regimes includes providing assessment support for the assessment organization and managing technical interventions from a territorial government department. He has acted on behalf of project proponents; participated in local and regional programs to collect baseline data; engaged in community and First Nations consultation; analyzed study results; and produced documentation for assessment and regulatory processes. He also has extensive experience garnering project support by broadcasting project objectives and hiring local stakeholders.

In addition, Michael has been involved in environmental site assessments delineating and remediating contaminated sites in the Northwest Territories and Yukon, including simple fuel cache clean-ups, time- and liability-sensitive fuel spill delineation, and multi-year, multi-million dollar, in situ tank farm remediation.