Mark Milner
M.Eng., B.Ed., B.Sc., P.Eng.

Title:  Project Director,
Atmospheric Sciences
Office:  Vancouver, British Columbia

Backed by two decades of administrative and consulting experience in air quality, noise, odour, and light assessments within the mining, transportation, oil and gas, industrial, and forestry sectors, Mark Milner is Project Director of Hemmera’s growing Atmospheric Environment team. Mark oversees and conducts environmental impact assessments, permitting studies, emissions estimates, air dispersion and noise modelling, and ambient monitoring.

Throughout his career he has provided technical content, managed multiple projects, and reviewed numerous air quality, noise, and odour assessments, including designing and implementing modelling and monitoring programs. The studies he has managed have informed the assessments of local, regional, and national effects from a variety of development projects. He has also managed large-scale emission inventories as well as conducted mitigation and control technology option analyses for corporations within BC and internationally. In addition, Mark has served as the atmospheric technical lead on several environmental impact assessments that included air quality, noise and vibration, light, odour, and climate.

Mark builds strong client relationships, implements and develops business and marketing strategies, and promotes technical excellence within Hemmera’s physical sciences team.