Land development that leaves a lasting positive legacy in a community – this is our commitment. Hemmera can establish a holistic framework for your land development project to produce thriving outcomes.
Whether converting former industrial lands to mixed residential and retail use, cleaning up a site from its former use as a gas station, or developing a natural landscape for commercial purposes, initial investments and risks can be high. You need to make informed choices that meet your development, sustainability, and growth objectives. And we deliver.

Hemmera offers our clients more than two decades of experience providing environmental consulting support to land development projects for a variety of commercial, residential, recreational, and industrial purposes. We leverage our deep understanding of the real estate industry, our close relationships with regulators, our innovative solutions to complex contamination issues, and our experience advancing land development projects to customize our services that meet each project’s specific requirements. From complex brownfield redevelopment projects with a history of contamination issues to greenfield projects in undeveloped landscapes, Hemmera’s project managers, environmental scientists, engineers, and technical specialists provide expert advice to ensure land development projects progress smoothly and efficiently.

Sector Lead – AB
Julie vanTol
Environmental Engineer

Sector Lead – YT
Kurt Neunherz
Business Leader