Jason Koepke
Environmental Scientist

Jason joined Hemmera in 2017 as an Environmental Equipment Manager. “I saw it as an opportunity to start something completely new,” he says. His unique opportunity of working closely with all lines of business made it an easy transition for him to move from the equipment room to junior and then intermediate environmental scientist. This last year he took time to complete his Masters while working on the side and is now back full-time as an Environmental Scientist.

What do you enjoy most about working at Hemmera?

First, the people. Hemmera not only employs top level talent in the industry but they select employees who are wonderful to work with. The work environment is one of collaboration and mutual learning, something which I greatly appreciate. Relationships with coworkers are often deepened when completing field work in remote and unique places and during office get togethers. I like the fact that I have the ability to somewhat make my own schedule.

How did you find the onboarding and support received as a new employee entering the workforce?

For me, the onboarding process was a bit unique given I started in the equipment program. I had a few days of watching modules and learning about safety, computer systems., etc. before I spent 2 full weeks with my predecessor downstairs learning the ropes. During this two week period I was introduced to most of the Hemmera staff and had the opportunity to learn hands on. The buddy program and other aspects of onboarding have since been implemented with great success!

Are you a member of any committees at Hemmera? If yes, what do you enjoy most about this experience?

Yes, I have been apart of both the environment and the social committee over the years. I enjoy the ability to give input to the on goings at the company, especially in relation to environmental stewardship. I like that my ideas are heard and there is a genuine interest in implementing new ideas and practices

Tell us about Hemmera’s Consulting School:

Consulting school is a terrific way to keep building technical and soft skills. It provides the vehicle for ongoing learning and leads to further training opportunities based on interest and competencies. I have completed almost all consulting school courses and found that they gave me skills which I could take into everyday work.

How would you describe your journey at Hemmera so far?

I am super thankful to Hemmera. They took a chance on me four years ago hiring me as the environmental equipment manager. After time in that role I was promoted to junior and then intermediate environmental scientist. This last year I was given time to complete my Masters while working on the side and now I am back to full-time.

What makes Hemmera a great place to work for young professionals?

There are several reasons: unique projects that can be adapted to meet your interests, the ability to take on responsibility and learn while being supported. Coworkers genuinely take an interest in you and work to see you succeed. Hemmera is an up-and -coming company that provides growth opportunity, and is environmentally and socially conscious.

Have you participated in any community events or had the chance to give back to a charity with your team?

I have participated in several community events including a park cleanup, Bowling for Big Brothers and Movember. I participated in Hemmera’s hockey team which plays in a industry specific tournament once a year. Through the Ausenco Foundation, I helped support the Run and Read program at Maywood Community School. This program is an after school opportunity for disadvantaged kids to be active, eat a healthy meal, and work on their reading skills with coaches. Ausenco donated $5000 which were used for books and other supplies and a number of Hemmera staff volunteered as coaches.

What does a typical work day look like for you?

There is never a typical workday, which is just the way I like it. There is always a new project or new task to do based on projects including field work, data analysis and report writing.

What is your favourite project why?

My favourite project was going up to Inuvik, above the Artic circle in the Northwest Territories, to conduct soil samples by helicopter. The opportunity to see a unique area of Canada combined with highly technical work made for extremely memorable work. Not to mention seeing the Northern Lights!