Jake Gossen
P.Eng., B.A.Sc.

Title: Engineering Hydrogeologist
Office: Calgary, AB


Jake Gossen is an Engineering Hydrogeologist with a broad range of experience in a variety of fields including: soil sampling; well installation, development and sampling; slug and pump testing and interpretation; groundwater contamination; groundwater remediation; geochemistry; aqueous geochemistry; and contaminant fate and transport.

Jake is also an intermediate geochemist and has conducted geochemical modeling to support risk assessments. Jake has provided geochemical insight into whether metals concentrations exceeding applicable standards are associated with anthropogenic activities, or if they are associated with natural background conditions. Jake has also used this approach to determine site specific background metals concentrations at several sites. Jake has also developed geochemical conceptual models for metal release and attenuation associated with perturbations to the geochemistry of aquifer systems. This works forms the basis of evaluating the fate and transport of organic and inorganic contaminants in aquifer systems.

Highlighted Projects