Moving people and goods safely, efficiently, and sustainably is essential in today’s fast-paced business climate. Contact Hemmera’s experienced Transportation Infrastructure team to move your project forward.
Over the past two decades, Hemmera has become a trusted advisor on some of Canada’s most significant transportation projects. We understand the business, safety, and operational requirements of the transportation industry, and our services support every phase of a transportation project’s life cycle.

Whether your transport initiative involves land, marine, river, or coastal environments, our experienced project managers will assemble the best team for the project, community, and environment. Hemmera’s hand-picked project teams then get to work, delivering a consultative, multi-disciplinary approach that is proven to reduce human and environmental impacts while moving projects forward.

Our regulatory and permitting specialists are not simply current on Canada’s changing laws and regulations, they anticipate regulatory changes and their significance on project management decisions and outcomes before any new laws are passed. Our experienced community engagement and social science teams study a project’s interactions with the human environment, and facilitate constructive dialogue between our clients and communities. Our physical, biophysical, and environmental scientists and engineers examine a project’s environment to fully understand the significance of a project’s potential effects, and devise unique strategies to mitigate, minimize, and resolve each one.

For every project we are trusted to support, Hemmera designs and delivers customized solutions to address individual transportation situations, settings, and circumstances.

Sector Lead – BC
Robin Taylor
Senior Environmental Assessment Manager