Working in the government sector means having a multi-disciplinary approach and placing local need as a priority.
Hemmera brings decades of multidisciplinary experience supporting government through research initiatives, environmental analysis, risk assessment, and project management. Since our firm’s inception we have been advancing the environmental objectives of municipal, regional, provincial, territorial, and national government and government agencies. We recognize the social, political, and economic realities in the communities where we operate, and we apply a consultative, multi-disciplinary approach, delivering practical solutions that are targeted to local needs while meeting national and international environmental objectives. We have also provided decades of thought leadership, contributing to task forces, government think tanks, and statutory review processes.

We are proud of the reputation we have carefully established with our government clients to help meet energy and emissions management objectives as well as advance sustainability and climate change planning.

Our community engagement and social science teams provide engagement, consultation, and risk assessment support to a wide range of government initiatives. Our environmental services teams provide expertise on projects ranging from small-scale ecological inventories and single-lot contaminated site assessments to large scale environmental assessments of national infrastructure projects as well as local, national, and international policy and regulatory reviews. Our extensive experience includes species at risk inventories, fish habitat restoration projects, freshwater and marine systems planning, contaminated sites investigation and remediation, stormwater analyses, and managing and monitoring environmental risks during project construction and operation.

Sector Lead – BC
Jeff Schmidt
Business Leader, Engineering Services