Eliza Bethune
Human Environment Specialist

Eliza joined Hemmera during the summer of 2019 as an Intern and after completing her studies returned to the Human Environment team as a Human Environment Specialist. A typical work day includes the collaboration with other employees, the planning and facilitation of meetings with clients and/or communities, the conducting of research, report writing, and the preparation of engagement deliverables (e.g. workshop presentations, survey design, community outreach materials etc.).

What do you enjoy most about working at Hemmera?

I enjoy the complexity and dynamic working environment at Hemmera. Every client, project, and deliverable is different and I find this makes the work that we do extremely exciting, challenging and rewarding.

How did you find the onboarding and support received as a new employee entering the workforce?

The onboarding and support received as a new employee was incredible, considering the challenges associated with the pandemic. Team members, managers, and People & Performance were always available to answer my questions that I had about my role and the organization.

Are you a member of any committees at Hemmera? If yes, what do you enjoy most about this experience?

I am a member of the Diversity & Inclusion Committee, MT3 Office Committee, and the Social Committee. I am also a member of the Indigenous Knowledge Community of Practice. These experiences provide great opportunities to meet other people within the organization, build an inclusive and fun working environment, and initiate meaningful discussions around the work we do individually and collectively at Hemmera.

Tell us about Hemmera’s Consulting School:

Hemmera’s Consulting School brings together leaders throughout the company to mentor employees around various consulting best practices. Consulting School workshops provide valuable information and insight to hone professional development skills have real-life application in our roles at Hemmera.

How would you describe your journey at Hemmera so far?

My journey at Hemmera has been incredibly rewarding thus far. I feel fortunate to work with leaders in the environmental consulting field, who provide opportunities for growth and development daily. I appreciate the opportunity to work with a company whose values are consistent with sustainability and respect for communities.

How would you describe Hemmera’s culture?

Hemmera’s positive work culture is inviting for new employees since it offers flexible working hours, professional development opportunities, and ongoing social events. This makes Hemmera a progressive and rewarding workplace.

What makes Hemmera a great place to work for young professionals?

Hemmera is an inspiring place for people to work. As a young professional we are striving towards making a positive difference for our clients and the communities in which we work.