Chris Heard

TITLE:  Business Leader, Community
Engagement and Social Sciences
OFFICE:  Vancouver, British Columbia

Chris Heard is a business professional with 10 years of experience managing companies in the private sector, 5 years in the public sector consulting and negotiating agreements with First Nations for a major Canadian public utility, and 4 years managing a team of consultants at Hemmera. His experience as a senior leader has involved regulatory, stakeholder, personnel, and project management. Chris has a strong understanding of Aboriginal communities and issues, having successfully negotiated multiple agreements with multiple First Nations in BC.

Chris has demonstrated exemplary leadership and negotiation skills throughout his career, securing ownership positions in multiple companies and effectively managing their rapid growth. His proven mentorship and teamwork skills have enabled him to successfully manage cohesive employee teams while efficiently completing projects. In addition, Chris has a proven ability to manage complex negotiations, as evidenced by his guidance of a company through a profitable sale to new out-of-province ownership.

Chris also has effective communication and delegation skills and a strong customer service focus, which were recognized when he received the Retailer of the Year award from the Vancouver Chamber of Commerce.