Cheryl Forner

TITLE:  Senior Human Environment Specialist
OFFICE:  Calgary, Alberta

Cheryl Forner has over 20 years of experience in environmental services as an anthropologist, archaeologist, project manager and Indigenous partnership company manager. Cheryl is recognized as an archaeology permit holder in Alberta, Northwest Territories, Saskatchewan, and Manitoba. Cheryl’s proficiencies include Indigenous partnerships; anthropology; archaeology; capacity building and training; meaningful Indigenous Engagement; Traditional Knowledge (TK), Traditional Land Use (TLU) and Traditional Ecological Knowledge (TEK) Studies; interviewing Indigenous community members; meeting/interview note taking; research; conflict resolution, program/project management; and report writing/senior review. Cheryl invests in strong relationship building, her knowledge and advice assist Indigenous communities, industry and government bodies in making informed and effective decisions when planning and executing projects.

Recognizing the importance of relationship building and creating meaningful engagement opportunities, Cheryl works with industry, government, and Indigenous community leaders, individuals, Elders and TK Holders to develop strong relationships and programs. She also understands the importance of learning and respecting cultural protocols and of respecting confidentiality and sensitivity concerns.