Charlie Palmer
M.Sc., R.P.Bio., P.Biol.

TITLE:  Practice Leader,
Environmental Impact Assessment
OFFICE:  Vancouver, British Columbia

Charlie Palmer is a professional ecologist and impact assessment practitioner with 18 years of experience. Charlie has strengths in environmental impact assessment under the Canadian and BC Environmental Assessment Acts, the Species at Risk Act, the Migratory Birds Convention Act, and related provincial legislation and policies. He specializes in natural resources assessment and management in non-EIA processes, and in peer review.

In addition to his impact assessment experience, Charlie designs and implements scientific surveys and monitoring for assessment of effects on flora and fauna, and identifies and manages conservation issues and sustainability indicators. He has worked as an ecologist on numerous small- to large-scale development projects, including highways, wind farms, ports, run-of-river hydro-electricity, and residential developments in BC, Alberta, and in New Zealand. This work has involved assessing effects on the environment, developing mitigation and management recommendations, and conducting cumulative effects assessments. Charlie has also provided advice to private proponents, industry, and central and local governments on environmental management.

Charlie is highly regarded for finding ways to meet legislated requirements while managing projects in a practical and sustainable manner.