Understanding the complex interactions at work under, on, and above the earth – this is the realm of Hemmera’s Physical Sciences team.

The study of earth’s physical properties, including geology, hydrology, and the atmosphere, requires an inter-disciplinary approach that combines our world’s organic and inorganic properties with biophysical and socio-economic studies. At Hemmera, we understand and appreciate the dynamic interrelationships at work in our physical world. Our Physical Sciences team offers our clients a deep understanding of the complex interactions taking place under, on, and above the earth.

Backed by geologists, hydrogeologists, hydrologists, risk assessors, and noise, air quality, and climate change specialists, We are is experienced at developing and implementing unique solutions to environmental challenges, particularly those related to proposed or operational projects.

Sector Lead – ON
Ron Haley
Business Leader

Sector Lead – AB
Jake Gossen
Engineering Hydrogeologist

Sector Lead – BC
Michael Choi
Business Leader, Physical Sciences / Yukon