At Hemmera, we treat each project as unique, and bring together the best combination of staff to most effectively address each of our clients’ specific needs. This precise blending of knowledge and experience has enabled Hemmera to take on increasingly challenging work across all sectors.


Now more than ever, short-term and long-term environmental monitoring is essential to ensure we leave a thriving environment for future generations.

Many projects today require some form of monitoring of species and processes to ensure the accuracy of potential effect predictions and confirm the success of mitigation measures following implementation. Whether monitoring relates to environmental impact assessments, project construction, operation, or closure, whether to secure approvals or meet permit conditions, Hemmera offers the breadth of services and skills needed to steer any project through all levels of environmental compliance.

Our team has expertise in fish, wildlife including (large mammals, birds, bats and amphibians), hydrology, engineering, remediation, geosciences, noise, air quality and greenhouse gas emissions. We are experienced in monitoring urban, rural, and wilderness locations, and can provide full-service environmental monitoring including on-site staff and automated remote monitoring devices.

Service Lead – BC
Trevor Welton  
Vice President, BC/YT Region

Service Lead – AB
Elyse MacDonald
Project Manager