Our Human Environment team has earned the reputation of being an industry leader, and for all the right reasons.

At Hemmera, our goal is to provide exceptional Indigenous and human environment and consultation support along with regulatory expertise to private sector companies as well as municipal, regional, provincial, territorial, and national governments. Our team is a resourceful collection of specialists and advisors ‒ from Indigenous and human environment professionals and senior negotiators, to socio-economic specialists and policy advisors.

Successful human environmentrequires a holistic, collaborative, and integrative approach for issue identification and resolution. Our human environment team’s inclusive approach integrates community-based engagement, consultation, and assessment processes with an open and collaborative approach that maximizes positive outcomes for projects and communities. By tailoring our services to support the unique requirements and values of our clients and the communities where they operate, we can assist in the development and implementation of mutually beneficial solutions to complex issues while strengthening our clients’ ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Our CESS team includes:

  • Indigenous engagement and consultation specialists
  • Human environment  and consultation specialists
  • Senior negotiation specialists
  • Senior regulatory and policy advisors
  • Public participation specialists
  • Socio-economic and risk assessment specialists
  • Traditional knowledge and use specialists

Backed by over 20 years of direct collective experience, Hemmera’s currently leading human environment and consultation initiatives for a variety of diverse clients across a range of industries in both the private and public sectors. We work collaboratively with government agencies, Indigenous groups, and communities to better understand the impacts and benefits associated with proposed projects. We leverage our knowledge, experience, and insights to successfully support our clients in meeting their engagement and consultation commitments.

Our CESS services include: