In an ever-increasing way, Indigenous groups play a pivotal role in the decision-making processes associated with the communities and lands upon which they rely.  
Our Human Environment team recognizes that engagement and consultation form a foundational pillar in the work they do, and their work demonstrates this commitment to meaningful collaboration. Our experienced and insightful team has worked diligently with communities across western Canada to establish and support positive long-term working relationships that benefit our clients and the communities in which they operate.

In addition to our proven expertise in the areas of Indigenous engagement, consultation, and negotiation, we offer specialized expertise in matters related to project planning and regulatory approval processes.

The support we provide to local and Indigenous communities, government agencies, and private sector clients, incorporates an increasingly broad range of programs and services specifically tailored for each client and project. Our Human Environment services include:

  • Indigenous engagement and consultation planning and implementation
  • Public and stakeholder engagement and consultation planning and implementation
  • Community event facilitation
  • Indigenous program and policy development
  • Agreement implementation
  • Employment and training capacity assessments and program delivery
  • Indigenous procurement advice and support
Service Lead – BC
George Meadows  
Vice President, Human Environment