Hemmera’s Dr. Shannon Bard, Practice Leader for Biological Risk Assessment, presented at this year’s Salish Sea Conference in April 2016. Shannon explored the recovery of intertidal communities in BC’s Howe Sound region, and presented the results of over 25 years of intertidal community monitoring. The presentation focused on the impacts of historic effluent from Woodfibre and Port Mellon pulp mills as well as the Britannia Mine on intertidal communities. In the presentation Shannon posed some challenging questions, including: what are the dynamics of recovery at the sites with different impact levels; what are the major factors impairing recovery; what key species could facilitate the successional recovery; and can we accelerate the recovery of intertidal communities though physical and biological habitat enhancement? Shannon also discussed the analysis and data modeling used to illustrate recovery of marine communities in multi-stressor environments and the development of management practices to facilitate successful marine ecosystem recovery following pollution abatement.

For more information about this project and our risk assessment team at Hemmera, contact Shannon Bard (sbard@hemmera.com).