Whether commencing preliminary design of a new project or reviving a legacy project from dormancy, industry and government clients across Canada rely on Hemmera’s geomatics professionals to better understand potential changes in the natural landscape.

Providing big picture views, small-scale plots, and every viewpoint in between, Hemmera’s team of qualified GIS professionals offer a wealth of experience with Geomatics mapping, spatial analysis, data management, and web mapping services. We work in all industry sectors and environments, and employ the most advanced technology to deliver a comprehensive suite of geomatics solutions to our clients and their projects. From initial conception through to final delivery, our geomatics experts work in an efficient, streamlined manner to simplify and solve complex challenges, enabling us to better understand and characterize the complex world we all call home.

Geomatics Mapping and Analysis Services:

  • Sophisticated GIS and CAD mapping
  • Thematic and topographical mapping
  • Cartographic mapping and design
  • Slope Profile capture and analysis
  • Cross-section analysis
  • Sub-surface modeling
  • Detailed spatial analysis
  • Statistical analysis
  • Third-party imagery and data acquisition
  • 2D and 3D data capture, modelling and analysis
  • Data transformations
  • GPS services
  • Printing and publication services
  • Data management and web mapping


Service Lead – BC
Nicholas Kourepinis
Business Leader