At Hemmera we recognize the importance of establishing a work-life balance for all employees. We offer you the following benefits that will support you in balancing your personal and career success.
hemmera-hr-flexible-hours  Flexible Work Hours
We understand that Hemmera people have commitments and needs, and flex time is a key element of our culture and why people want to work here. Flex work hours provide an opportunity for employees to be able to meet the needs of clients and also to accommodate personal needs (such as child care or appointments). Flex hours involve earlier or later start times, or working on the weekend from time-to-time. Hemmera also has part-time and contract opportunities, and we consider part-time telecommuting as a viable work option.
Personal Days
To support our employees in obtaining a work-life balance, Hemmera allows paid time off to attend to important personal commitments.

  Three Weeks Vacation in Your First Year

As part of our work-life balance philosophy, we understand the importance of time off for rest and relaxation. That’s why we provide three weeks of paid vacation annually, starting in your first year of employment.
hemmera-hr-maternity  Maternity Top-up

When the maternity leave period begins, Hemmera will continue normal basic earnings for one week, to cover you financially during the Employment Insurance waiting period. In addition, the company will top up Employment Insurance earnings (to 100%) for three more weeks, to provide a total of four weeks of regular income. MSP and Extended health benefit coverage is also still available to eligible employees while on maternity leave for up to one year.

hemmera-hr-health  Health and Wellness Fund
At Hemmera, we place a high importance on a balanced lifestyle that promotes health and wellness. To support eligible employees, the company provides funds for the reimbursement of qualifying expenses such as gym membership, transit passes, sports teams and ski passes. We also value staff commitment towards community events such as the Vancouver Sun Run and will support registration costs towards these charitable causes.