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From community-based geoexchange systems to billion-dollar hydroelectric projects, Hemmera is the trusted environmental partner for many of Canada’s most innovative power providers. We are Western Canada’s leader in wind, tidal and hydro energy projects, with years of experience in environmental and socio-economic assessments, adaptive management planning and more. To date, we have supported over 5,000 MW of proposed power, on a number of wind, wave, tidal and hydro projects. Major power authorities such as BC Hydro have rely on Hemmera for years on dozens of major ppwer projects. We have managed complex consultations and negotiations between government agencies and stakeholders, First Nations, and the public. We have developed environmental management plans, run baseline studies, acquired permits, performed risk assessment services, provided environmental monitoring services and produced environmental assessment reports. Our consultative, multi-disciplinary approach is proven to reduce environmental impacts while advancing project progress.