BC Hydro Energy Conservation Project

Client: BC Hydro Power Smart, in partnership
Location: BC

In an innovative partnership with the Lead by Example department of BC Hydro’s Power Smart team, Hemmera is working to reduce the energy consumption at the Ruskin Powerhouse, one of BC Hydro’s oldest generating facilities, located at the Ruskin Dam in BC’s north central Fraser Valley.

Our detailed energy study will contribute to the facility’s seismic and equipment upgrade. Our investigation and analysis covers current energy consumption and energy usage profiles of the facility’s major equipment. We will provide a broad range of recommendations for reducing energy use to the requirements of the Lead by Example program, and we are evaluating the proposed Powerhouse Redevelopment design for its LEED EBOM (Existing Building Operation and Maintenance) potential.

As a member of the BC Hydro Power Smart Alliance, Hemmera is qualified to participate in many Power Smart programs—including detailed energy studies—for the commercial and industrial sectors. We can guide clients through a Five Step Energy and Carbon Management process that includes setting objectives, determining a greenhouse gas inventory baseline, developing an action plan, executing the plan, and monitoring and reporting on results.

We can contribute to on carbon-offset projects and advise on reporting regulations. Our innovative approaches can reduce the environmental impacts of all types of infrastructure and construction projects.

In partnership with BC Hydro Power Smart, Hemmera is providing detailed energy studies and recommendations that will result in significant energy conservation at the Ruskin Powerhouse hydro-electric generating facility.