Andy Bannon, Environmental Engineer "The people are what I like most. Over the past three and a half years I have developed close relationships with co-workers which make days more enjoyable even during high stress times"
Doug Bright, Practice Leader, Environmental Risk Assessment “I am committed to risk assessment because I have seen it contribute to positive outcomes at a large number of sites and projects across western and northern Canada.”
Greg Quandt, Vice President, Site Assessment and Remediation   “By sincerely listening to our clients, we are able to provide a custom solution and thereby attain project success, resulting in peace of mind for our clients.”
Halie Landskron, Environmental Scientist  "The people at Hemmera are some of the most knowledgeable I have ever worked with, and I feel lucky to be surrounded by such a great group of people in the Calgary office."
Lara Taylor, Project Manager "Why Hemmera? Because the only constraints are your dedication and imagination. It’s a company that trusts its employees to take projects and run with them."
Michael Choi, Business Leader, Site Assessment and Remediation "Personally, I have also been able to explore new places and meet interesting people. This opportunity to explore and keep learning is important for me" 
Paul Hemsley, President "Welcome to our website. I hope you enjoy your visit and get to know more about our projects and people."
Ray Hyde, Project Director "I appreciate the fact that Hemmera has given me the opportunity to pursue new work and develop a client base."
Sarah Croft, Geomatics Specialist "Everyone at Hemmera is so friendly, willing to help out and smart, which makes it a really great place to spend every day." 
Shena Shaw, Socio-Community Specialist "Hemmera is unique because it has the comradery of a small consulting firm, but the caliber of skills and the depth of experience make it one of the major players in the marketplace. It’s been said many times because it’s true: the people at Hemmera are second to none."